Victor Staaf Photographer

Missionaries in Haiti

In 2012, I was invited to photograph Pastor Joseph LaCroix's missionary work in Haiti. I spent one week following Pastor Lacroix and his disciples carrying out their work in their community in central Haiti.

I had only been in contact with Pastor Lacroix via email before the trip. We arranged to meet up in Florida and flew over to Haiti together with his wife. This was the first time I had been to the Caribbean area and as soon as we landed, I realised that this was a very different place from where I'd been before. We travelled by car to our destination, and looking through the window, I could see missionaries and preachers by the side of the dirt road. This was a very spiritual place and I could feel it.

During my stay I attended a wedding, a baptism, lectures for trainee nurses, Sunday church service, hikes to spiritual landmarks, public preaching, several different activities for children and I even ended up teaching english one afternoon. It was a busy week. 007_2-2.jpg 002.jpg 009.jpg 018.jpg 021.jpg