The Imperfect Tense

Berlin was changing. Some changes were more obvious, such as a new building, or park, whilst other changes could be hard to distinguish. The feeling of a particular area for example. The 'new' changes were combining with the already existing to make up a new in itself. But that 'new' only remained new for a moment until the next 'new' arrived. Things were becoming equal parts of the past and the continuation.

'The Imperfect Tense' is set in Berlin, during the summers of 2015 and 2016. At that point, having spent almost a decade in Berlin, I felt that I had lived to see the city change probably as much as I had myself. With change in mind, I set out to document places that I thought were changing at the time. During the process, I began to suffer from nostalgia, so I started to photograph in places that I suspected would change in the near future. Taking on the impossible task of visualising the future, I photographed places that, in the future, I would think was a shame if they hadn't been photographed.

As an ode to the future, this is how Berlin looked like when it was changing.