This city is yours!
Self published book. Printed by Wedding Press in 2022
Risograph print 64 pages with 34 images
Rubber band binding
First edition of 100


This city is yours! (2022) is a loosely drawn portrait of a city and an attempt to capture the mix of the past and the present. Photographed in Porto 2018 - 2019, during a period of major renovation and modernization to the city, it was a time of constant construction. Streets were improved, squares embellished, buildings erected and new houses were built where space allowed. Many new buildings were to be temporary rentals to host an increased flow of tourists and newcomers.

One day I passed a tourist bus with the slogan ‘This city is Yours!’ written on the side. Being a foreigner myself, that slogan made me question: to whom does a city belong? Do you have to be born in a city to claim ownership or is it enough to just physically be there?