This city is yours!
Self published book. Printed by Wedding Press in 2022
Risograph print 64 pages with 34 images
Rubber band binding
First edition of 100


This city is yours! (2022) is a collection of candid street photographs I took in Porto between 2018 and 2019. This was a period of major renovation and modernization to the city, a time of constant construction. Streets were improved, squares embellished, buildings erected and new houses were built where space allowed.

Changes were happening on a personal level as well. I had recently moved to Porto, become a father and life was moving forward at a rapid pace. As the city became a backdrop to my own tumultuous life, I started to imagine the stories of others.

Using the streets of Porto as a set, I searched for drama in the everyday life of strangers. With a nod to film noir ‘This city is yours!’ comes together like a collection of movie stills rather than a comprehensive story, blending my personal state of mind with overdramatized chance encounters.

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